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Throughout my life I have been "tutored" by people like my father who taught me that true manhood is based on ‘doing what you say you will do’.  To coaches who took interest in me beyond my athletic ability, to national organizations who exposed me to opportunities within engineering that I never imagined. My goal is take young men and expose them to ideas and opportunities educationally and in the career they pursue.

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Over 20 years ago Alfred came to US from Taiwan.  Alfred holds BS degree in Engineering from Texas State University.  Alfred is driven by Christian faith and is always looking for ways to help people.  His career has given him the opportunity to be a part of companies like Liteon and Hipro.


Tristin’s is what many people call a triple threat, she sings, writes, and acts.  Tristin’s has been deeply rooted in the entertainment industry for over 15 years.  However her skills just do not end with entertainment, she has operated several startup businesses as well.  Tristin is a true entrepreneur at heart.   


Patty has a passion for helping people.  For over 20 years she has been helping others through counseling and as a Life Coach.  She has a heart to help people discover their true gifts and motivate them to excel.  Recently she has adopted three relative siblings out of the foster care system who now have a promise for a better future. Together they enjoy outdoor activities, movies, travel and helping others. Her ability to teach others inspires them to grow and truly shine.

Team Members

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