Our organization provides boys with an environment where they can excel academically, artistically, and athletically through positive interactions. MAGIC’s goal is to help students imagine the impossible.


MAGIC Academics Program:  MAGIC provides tutoring sessions in core subjects such as math and science to assist students  in achieving academic excellence. Additionally, the students are exposed to lectures where speakers will come and discuss a variety of topics such as: how to dress for success, careers opportunities, and SAT/ACT Prep.


MAGIC Artist Program: MAGIC believes in developing the entire person.  We want to exposure these youth to various artistic workshops to help foster their talent and gifts. Being apart of live studio recording, or learning how to write a screenplay, or even receiving acting classing are a few opportunities our program provides. 


MAGIC Athletic Program: MAGIC’s athletic program provides a safe environment for youth to be mentored on and off the playing field.  For some youth athletics is cornerstone of who they are, and MAGIC's wants to help youth learn that will winning on the court is great, but winning in life is the ultimate goal. MAGIC's has athletic travel teams that play other recreational and city leagues.